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Super Short Fade Haircut

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Opting for a super short fade haircut as a short hairstyle for women is a major decision, but it can make you look really attractive when done right. We do agree that this look with fade on the sides and back of your head and a chunk of hair on the top is a bold look, but it is nevertheless one that should not be tried.

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Ask your hairstylist to keep the fade low and bare minimum and keep going longer is a smooth gradient that ends at the top of the head to get this easy care short haircut for women. Such a hairstyle will take the attention of the viewer to your facial features like those brilliant green eyes or that sharp nose. As mentioned, a short fade haircut is super-easy to care for and maintain.

You’ll save up some money on your shampoo and conditioner too!

Easy care also comes with easy styling! A simple mousse or hair gel is all you need to set the longer hair on the top of the head in the way you want. Many a times, just water might also do the trick as the hair is still pretty short. Add some punk to the look by going in for patterns in the fade and with the sideburns.

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