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What Colors Look Good With Light Brown?

A Light brown hair color is extremely popular because it offers you middle ground. It’s not too light and not too dark and when used with versatility, it can actually look good with a wide array of colors. The first thing you need to do is to consult a light brown hair color chart. Since it is counted among the neutrals, it combines very well with a few primary and secondary colors.

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What Colors Look Good With Light Brown

Different shades of red, blue, green and purple complement a light brown hair color very well. On the other hand, only pale shades of yellow should be applied. Avoid black as it can bring out the dark tones in light brown and you will end up darkening the shade.

It’s also a good idea to consider the light brown hair color dye you are using. Based on the dye, light brown shades can differ. For example: some companies might offer just simple light brown while others might offer more variety including medium light brown, lightest brown and other transitionary shades of brown that fall within the light brown label. Used creatively, light brown is one of the most versatile colors that can deepen to delicious chocolate brown and lighten to honey gold hues.

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