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1. Funky Fishtail Braid

Source: Missy Sue

Funky Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid is both stylish and feminine. Start on top of your head and make a fishtail braid that weaves down one side of your head. However, as you braid, loosen your hair gradually. At the nape of your neck, tie the end of the braid into a bun. Relax the top of the braid ever so slightly and spray with medium hold spray.

2. Sock Bun with Braid

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram

Sock Bun with Braid

This elegant bun is quite sophisticated, if you want a sleek updo for a formal event. The sock bun allows for a larger, poofy bun that is very slick and classy. First, pull your hair high up, then roll it in a sock tube (minus the toes) and tie it around the ponytail. Next, tuck and pin it in place. Braid the remaining strands in a wrap-around braid for an extra touch of class.

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