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1. Brown To Blonde Sombre

Source: hairerik via Instagram

Brown To Blonde Sombre

This is one of the popular ombre hair colors for dark hair in 2018. Deep, natural roots that softly transition into a beautiful, warm blonde color give the hair a seamless look. This ombre hair color for brunettes is best styled with a lot of texture or with beachy waves.

2. Copper Gold Ombre Hair

Source: _litvinova_julia via Instagram

Copper Gold Ombre Hair

Auburn hair that have warm, coppery undertones look great with a soft blond balayage. The copper transforms into a beautiful gold giving your hair a brilliant, sun-touched look. If you do not prefer a strong gradient, then a balayage (like this picture) is the ombre hair color technique for you.

3. Brown To Rose Gold Wavy

Source: melanniemillan via Instagram

Brown To Rose Gold Wavy

When we see this transformation picture of ombre hair color, it urges us to visit our stylist at the earliest and give our hair a makeover like this. From the medium brown, simple hair to this amazing rose gold ombre – this is definitely one of the best ombre hair looks. Women who have long, luscious hair should definitely give this a try!

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