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Strawberry Blonde Hair: Hot Summer Trend

Strawberry blonde hair has always been a pretty choice. With a variety of warm reddish-blonde tones to choose from, it can range from playful to classy.

Who can pull off reddish blonde hair? Well, it is reasonable to ask such question as you need to be sure that the new shade will flatter you.

Realistically, reddish blonde works best on those with naturally blonde hair, dirty blonde hair or even redheads.

● If you have dirty blonde hair, a beige shade of strawberry blonde will best suit you.
● Those with fair complexion will look best with a classic strawberry blonde shade.
● If you have darker skin tone, a darker shade of strawberry blonde is most flattering.

If in doubt, consult a professional hairstylist to see what shade of strawberry blonde hair best suits your eye color and complexion.

Thanks to modern hair styling techniques, there are many variations of strawberry blonde hairstyles. Following is a list of some of the trending styles and color options for strawberry blonde.

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