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Dark Ash Brown Hair

Just because ashy tones are usually lighter doesn’t mean you can’t have dark locks and ash brown hair. Usually, cool skin tones should go for lighter ash brown colors, but if you’re hair is much darker and richer, try adding smoky gray hair color and see the same effect. Cool and gray colors look great on paler skin tones and pair well with light or dark blue eyes and brown/black eyes.

Don’t be afraid to embrace this almost purple-y hue!

Source: che.r.mariano via Instagram, che.r.mariano via Instagram, che.r.mariano via Instagram
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If your natural hair color is richer, cocoa or chocolate tones works best. On olive skin tones with an ash brown ombre style, focus the ash color on the tips rather than the roots. This way, your natural hair growing out of your roots will still surround your face and match your complexion.

This style proves the subtley of balayage can work wonders. Try an ash hue that just a shade or two off of your original color so your dark brown hair stays natural looking.

If you have any doubt as to whether a shade you prefer will suit your skin tone, save some of our dark ash brown hair color pictures and let our stylist help you decide how you’ll look best!

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