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Ellen is literally a walking encyclopedia of tonsorial art knowledge. Her impressive experience in the beauty industry allows her to give a competent answer to even the trickiest question related to hair care, styles, cuts, and coloring. So, if you’re seeking expert advice, don’t hesitate to ask her your most troubling questions.

Simple Ways For Growing Out A Pixie It Can Actually Be Easy

Simple Ways For Growing Out A Pixie – It Can Actually Be Easy

Hello, my name is Jane. I’d like to get back to longer styles, but I don’t really know how to do that. Approximately how long does it take to grow out pixie cut?
The answer may vary depending on your approach to growing your hair. And here, we’re showing the shortcut to a longer mane.

All-Time And Fun Haircuts For Square Faces

What Haircut Is The Best For Square Faces? (Must-Know Tips & Ideas)

“Hi, my name is Helen, I need a new haircut that will fit me. What haircut is best for square faces?”
To flatter a square face, you should have a haircut that softens up sharp angles and enhances your best features. Here, we’re sharing game-changing tips to find the perfect cut based on your face shape. See haircuts that can build a harmonic duo with your face!

Split Ends And What To Do About Them

Split Ends And What To Do About Them

“Hello, my name is Mary. I use many hair products to keep away from split ends, but I want to know why they occur. What is the cause of split ends?”
Split ends are the worst fear of those who dream about healthy and luxurious mane. Today we are going to spill the secret of how to avoid them! Split ends and wrinkles are the two problems that most women fear above all. However, in order to deal with the issue, you need to understand it. That is why today we are going to learn everything you need to know about split ends and ways of fixing them not to mention preventing them.

How To Choose The Best Color of Red Hair For Your Skin Tone

How To Choose The Best Color Of Red Hair For Your Skin Tone

“Hello, my name is Katherine. I think I want to try new hair color. Will I look good as a redhead? I’d like to see some red color ideas to see if it’s good for me.”
When it comes to color changes, your complexion, as well as your undertone, are key determiners for the most suitable shade. As for red hair, it needs a thorough approach. This post will be your guide to getting the best color results.

What Is My Face Shape And Hairstyles For It

What Is My Face Shape? How to Find Your Face Shape & Hairstyles for It?

“Hello, my name is Zoe. I’ve read that it is so important to find a cut based on my face shape. But, how do I know what shape my face is? “
You can get a haircut from the most expensive hairdresser and rock the latest shade, but it all won’t help you look your best if you neglect your face shape. Here, we’re explaining why you should come up with the question “what is my face shape?”, telling how to answer it.

What Is Coarse Hair and How to Deal With It: Top Tips & Products You Shouldn’t Miss

What Is Coarse Hair And How To Deal With It: Top Tips & Products You Shouldn’t Miss

“Hello, my name is Sophia, and I think I have coarse hair type. Can you please advice me on this: is it bad to have coarse hair?”
Got tired dealing with coarse hair? Don’t panic! Here, we’re telling everything you need to tame your unruly hair: from basic tips to must-have products. Does your hair takes hours and tons of styling products to get it done? Is humidity the one who decides if you will go out today? If your answers are ‘yes’, you have coarse hair. And you know what? This post is here to lend you a hand. Find out how to take the right approach to your hair type.

The Right Face Flattering Haircuts To Beautify All Face Shapes

49 The Right Face-Flattering Haircuts To Beautify All Face Shapes

All face shapes need a personal approach when it comes to choosing a new cut. See how you can determine your face shape and find the right haircut for it! Our ideas will make you remember one truth once and for all: there are no bad face shapes; there are wrong haircuts!

Helpful Hair Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

10 Helpful Hair Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Follow These Hair Tips and Get Healthy Hair How I wish I’d had someone to give me some hair tips when I was in my teens and early twenties! Women spend years styling their hair: washing, drying, coloring, curling, and straightening. All of that heat can damage your hair over time. Not to mention the […]

Helpful Tips on How to Dye Your Hair At Home

Complete Guide On How To Dye Your Hair: Useful Tips, Simple Tricks, And Handy Tutorials

“Hi! My name is Ann. I decided to dye my hair, but I’ve never done it myself before. So can you help me with some questions? Firstly, is it better to dye hair wet or dry? How do you properly dye your hair at home – are there any strict rules?”
Sooner or later, you will want to let some color changes into your life. In case you don’t feel like going into a salon, we’ve highlighted everything you need to learn how to dye your hair successfully.

How to Do a Waterfall Braid Step by Step

How to Do a Waterfall Braid Step by Step

How to Do a Waterfall Braid – Easy Tutorial See our how to Do a Waterfall Braid tutorial, and you will realize that it is much easier than it seems. You do not have to be a professional stylist in order to beautify your hair and look super gorgeous for any occasion. What will I […]

Homemade Hair Products for Curly Hair

Homemade Hair Products for Curly Hair

Effective DIY Hair Products for Curly Hair Hair products for long and short curly hair are quite expensive. So many women wish for a head full of gorgeous curls. However, those who actually have natural curls often get discouraged as it can often be difficult to manage and tame them. First of all, if you […]

How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin

How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin

There’s nothing bad about DIY color experiments. But, there are some tricky details requiring close attention when you color your own hair. And stains are major ones. Below, you’re going to find out how to remove hair dye from the skin fast and easily.

Reasons Why You Shouldnt Hide Your Long Hair During Sex

11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Long Hair During Sex

Keep Your Long Hair Loose, And You Will Have More Fun And Pleasure Ladies with long hair, blushing, often ask their friends a question: “Hey, how do you wear your hair during sex?” Sometimes they receive a sufficient answer, sometimes they don’t. But we are sure that here you can receive the fullest answer ever. […]

Choose a Proper Hair Mask to Make Your Mane Look Wonderful

Choose a Proper Hair Mask to Make Your Mane Look Wonderful

Let Your Hair Shine with a Good Hair Mask Have you always dreamed of having splendid, long, and shiny hair, the kind of hair you see on advertisements? The secret for having such hair is quite simple: give your hair a proper care by choosing a hair mask that best fits your hairstyle. After applying […]

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

12 Ways How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long luscious hair that looks full and voluminous no matter what hairstyle you wear: isn’t that a dream of every woman? The good news is, here, you’re going to learn how to make this dream come true with the right approach to your health routine.

How to Choose Shoulder Length Layered Haircuts

How To Choose Shoulder Length Layered Haircuts

Shoulder length layered haircuts are extremely versatile, and that is the quality that makes them especially popular among women of all ages. Even though layers can beautify any texture that gets in their way, every woman has some special features that should be taken into account when getting a layered style. See how to choose the cut right!

Are You Ready For The Pompadour Haircut

Are You Ready For The Pompadour Haircut?

Pompadour Haircut Ideas To Feel Like The Mistress Of The King A pompadour haircut is the haircut that has an elevated top with various elements and can be done on the longer as well as shorter hair length. Back in the 1940-s, the pompadour became the real hit and was sported by all the celebs […]

Balayage Techniques You Can Try

Basic Rules How To Choose The Best Balayage Depending On Your Hair Type And Color

Pick a Flattering Balayage Style for Your Hair Color If you have completely fallen in love with the concept of balayage hair color, but are unsure if you can pull off this trendy color technique with shorter hair, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Whether you have a shorter haircut such a pixie or a shoulder-grazing […]

How to Do Messy Bun Hairstyles

How To Do Messy Bun Hairstyles

“Hi, my name is Amy. I wonder how do you do a messy bun with long hair? Maybe you can give me a tutorial and some ideas.”
A bit of messiness won’t hurt your updo. On the contrary, it will turn your style into a worldwide trend! Below, you will discover lots of fantastic ways to style a messy bun that will accentuate any outfit and occasion.

Silver Hair to Dye or Not to Dye

Silver Hair: To Dye Or Not To Dye?

A Silver Hair Color is Quite Daring A silver hair color is our future, according to Jack Howard – a famous colorist who works at Paul Edmonds, which is one of the poshest salons in London. Having started on the catwalk, the metallic finishes trend then moved to the salons. And today more and more […]