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7. Subtle Blonde Balayage

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Subtle Blonde Balayage

If you want to kick up your medium style hair, add some long layers and loose curls to rock these sexy blonde highlights. A dark or warm brown base with some subtle hints of blonde balayage will add some pop to otherwise dull hair. Add a shine serum for extra shine and some texture spray for some lift. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, let it air dry and finger brush your curls. If you have straighter hair, add some sexy waves with a large barreled curling iron.

8. Medium Length Layered Lob with Blonde Balayage

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Medium Length Layered Lob with Blonde Balayage

For a bold new look for your medium hair, try a long, layered lob. It will add a great deal of dimension and texture to your hair. Sexy, bed head curls will make the blonde balayage pop on a dark brown or brunette color. For a bold look, add blonde balayage to deep auburn. To get those sexy bed head curls, let your naturally curly or wavy hair air dry and scrunch often as it dries. If your hair is straight, add some wild curls with a medium curling iron, run your fingers through your hair to separate and shake it loose for that carefree sexy look and feel.

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