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Braided Combo Hairstyles

Source: n.starck via Instagram, hairby_chrissy via Instagram, hairby_chrissy via Instagram

Braided Combo Hairstyles Bow #braids #half-up

Braided Combo Hairstyles Fishtail #braids #longhair
Braided Combo Hairstyles Ponytail #braids #ponytail #fauxhawk

Let’s don’t forget to let our imagination run wild from time to time because truly unique braided hairstyles can’t do without a touch of creativity. Every girl is special, and her hairstyle should match her personality! So why don’t you add individuality to your braid? You can create a loose braid with a cute bow on the top, a full fishtail braid with voluminous pulled edges or a big regular braid that turns into a ponytail.

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