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Tips to Make It Easier

Very often it seems that there is nothing we do not know about something as simple as French braid. But no matter the simplicity there are common mistakes that any of you can fall a victim of.

That is why we decided to gather them all up here so that you are able to come up with a perfect and flawless braid any time you go for it.

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  • It is always easier to braid the hair that hasn’t been washed for a day at least. When your hair gets dirty braiding get easier as well, it grants you some time, and you do not have to wash your mane every other day.
  • Brushing matters unless you aim at a messy braid. If it is a sleek French one, it is always best to detangle your hair so that one little twist does not ruin the look in general.
  • When there is a little bit more of your scalp peeking through you should better cover it up.
  • Keep these simple tips in mind, and your braided hair will always look fabulous!
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