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Cool Hairstyles For Round Faces

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Cool Hairstyles For Round Faces #hairstylesforroundfaces #hairstyles #faceshapes #bobhairstyles

The truth is, there’s no one universally perfect haircut or hairstyle for round faces for everyone. All in all, you should keep in mind your style preferences, the texture and length of your hair, and your lifestyle. Based on these essentials you can determine the type of a cut or style that flatters and suits you best. We’ve highlighted the most win-win types of hairstyles that can really work on your round face, and your task is to pick one that fits your needs!

  • Instead of straight or heavy bangs, it’s better to go for layered ideas.
  • Hairstyles that feature short tresses on the front.
  • Long hairstyles that involve graduated or cascading layers with soft side-swept bangs.
  • Hairstyles that visually add fullness to the body, thus giving height and adding length.
  • For curly hair, consider keeping the sides of your hair short, putting the accent to the crown.

Punky Pixie

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Punky Pixie

Some funky streaks in the fringe really make this asymmetrical pixie pop with style! Work styling mousse into slightly damp hair and then blow dry the top with a 1 ¼ inch round brush and 2 ½ inch round brush on the sides. Use your fingers for the back of your hair to tousle. Then create texture and definition with a flexible styling wax.

Edgy, Layered Pixie

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Edgy Layered Pixie #hairstylesforroundfaces #hairstyles #faceshapes #pixiehairstyles

Wondering how such a short haircut can beautify your round face? Well, even though it keeps your face open, don’t forget that you can add more height to the body and elongate the silhouette in this way. If you prefer convenient and low-maintenance styles, this layered, edgy pixie will be a good choice.

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