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Shag Bob Haircut

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Shag Bob Haircut #hairstylesforroundfaces #hairstyles #faceshapes #bobhairstyles

Shaggy hairstyles for round faces work awesome for literally any length. And since they provide a lot of natural movement and volume, they can adapt to any hair type, too. Make sure that the front tresses of your shag are left longer so that you can whip your round face.

Classic Long Bob With Middle Part

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Classic Long Bob With Middle Part #hairstylesforroundfaces #hairstyles #faceshapes #bobhairstyles

Don’t underestimate the power parting, girl! The way you part your hair can change the appearance of your face shape, making it wider or slimmer. To make it appear a bit longer and hide up your chubby cheeks, you can go for a classic short-to-medium bob and create a middle part that will give a perfect balance.

Middle Parted & Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair

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Middle Parted & Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair #hairstylesforroundfaces #hairstyles #faceshapes #bobhairstyles

Yes, the good-old middle part works great, but how about spicing up your casual look with a hint of volume? Soft, a bit tousled waves will make your middle parted hairstyle look more lifted and full, which also can nicely accentuate the best features and cover up some flaws.

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