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Pixie For Romantic Dates

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Don’t panic if you don’t know how you want to look at your special date. Of course, you want to make a good impression, but don’t forget to be yourself. As for your hair, leave it all up to pixies. If you feel insecure about your face shape, or you afraid that your hair type will let you down: pixie cuts for thick hair and round faces are essential for you to try. These pictures show you that you can sport your pixie in a romantic way: wavy bangs, braids, and accessories can make you look as girly as never before. Girl with round faces should try the first variant, as it can make your face appear longer, framing it in an amazing way. And girls who don’t want their fine hair to let them down can opt for a pixie with a front braid. See? Pixies rule the world!

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