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4. Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Source: ericliyahkane via Instagram

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #hairstyles #blondehair

Wearing an asymmetrical pixie haircut means that you know how to take your hair type to a whole new level. The main reason why we love this type of pixie so much is the unbelievable silhouette that gives a sense of modernity to the overall look for those who go for it. Besides the fascinating outweighed look, this pixie adds a lot of natural volume to your hair, enhancing your hair texture at its best. Also, the cut looks ravishing when it’s waved, so the variety from daily to evening looks is guaranteed!

5. Blonde Edgy Pixie Hair Style

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Blonde Edgy Pixie Hair Style  #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #hairstyles #icyblondehair

Today’s contemporary pixie has angles, wisps, and multi-length bangs. It can be elevated even further with undercuts, spikes, uneven layers, and varying lengths. Pixie cuts are anything but boring. Choppy layers over undercuts on the sides and back add body, dimension, and loads of spunk to straight hair. This incredibly attractive edgy cut gives this model a totally cool, rocker look. At the same time, however, she still projects femininity. Notice, too, how her ice blonde hair illuminates a very sensational fringe. She could also play around with the layers and smooth them back in a playful boyish way or create a side part. It’s all about some product, really, and about the imagination.

6. Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair

Source: esther.itterly via Instagram

Pixie Haircut For Curly Hair #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #hairstyles #brownhair

Curly haired women, many of whom are African American and other ethnicities, oftentimes think short hairstyles won’t flatter their curl texture. But, as with all hair, the right cut always works. Curly hair typically looks better in a longer pixie and also in a layered haircut. The long layers in this model’s hair let her curls fall naturally and easily around her adorable face. Her dark brown hair was already flattering. Yet, the deep ash brown highlights on the ends, which the hairstylist skillfully swirled into her curls, accentuate her skin tone and inject individuality. Her cut and color are a splendid backdrop for her delicate facial structure. She can change her look any way she likes with makeup, jewelry, and sunglasses. From refined to daring to punk to whatever she wants, her hair will always look just right.

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