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13. Long Pixie Cuts With A Bang

Source: de.ja.hue via Instagram

Long Pixie Cut With A Bang #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #straighthair #blondehair

Long pixies that feature short hair at the nape of the neck and angled layers generate interesting edges and textures. Long pixies go particularly well with intense hair colors such as grays and platinum blondes, like this blonde hair color. The long, sleek, side bang goes well with fine, straight hair, but such cuts really work for all hair types. She can use styling paste to muss the angled edges, keep them sharp, or smooth them out. A deep part with a large side sweep would be eye-catching. Or one that covers an eye would bring back a classic Hollywood vibe. There’s no limit, even with a shaped, layered pixie.

14. Pixie Hair Cuts With An Undercut

Source: styleemini via Instagram

Pixie Hair Cuts With An Undercut #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #undercut #blackhair

Undercuts add shaves and buzz cut designs to hairstyles. They’re extremely trendy and very easy to maintain. Many undercuts are classic pixies with long top layers and small shaved side sections, such as this model’s short pixie. It’s also a versatile bang haircut, so she can part it, sweep it, and use some product to style it in a wide range of looks. She can go funky and punky and extremely part her hair – sweep it up to expose the undercut or remain casual and sophisticated and leave the layers full to downplay the undercut. Notice how the undercut looks especially luscious in black hair.

15. Short Pixie Cuts

Source: whats_ur_sign via Instagram

Short Pixie Cut #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #hairstyles #brownhair

A short pixie cut can be an intense change for those used to long hair. But its ease is undeniable. Frizz is no longer a concern and styling difficulties are instantly alleviated. Plus, there are so many choices and looks available. Asymmetry will always make a bang haircut unique and bold. Here, the model’s pointy, angled bangs offer appeal and lots of drama. As well, her dark hair adds a nice contrast to her warm complexion. She’s so fascinating. Her eyes look huge, and her earrings sparkle. She could have a great time experimenting with a range of bold lip shades. Every color would no doubt look fantastic.

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