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Low Ponytails

Wavy Ponytails

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Wavy Ponytails Low Blonde #ponytail #updo

Low Ponytails Brown #ponytail #updo #wavyhair

Low Ponytails Brunette #ponytail #updo #wavyhair

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Low Ponytails Bang #ponytail #updo

Low Ponytails Ombre #ponytail #updo #wavyhair
Wavy Low Ponytails #ponytail #updo #wavyhair

This hairstyle will teach you how to get the most out of your hair! A lot of movement, texture, and volume are three things that girls can watch forever. What if we tell you that a simple ponytail can give it all to you? Here’s a little trick to get such a dramatic volume: when you do a pony, loosen it a bit and pull the crown for a fuller effect. To add more fullness to the pony, part it into two sections and loop one of them with the elastic so that the top one is lifted. Wave your hair, give it some coats of hairspray, and enjoy!

Low Twisted Pony

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Low Brunette Twisted Ponytails #ponytail #updo #brunette

Low Twisted Pony Blonde #updo #ponytail

Low Twsited Ponytails #ponytail #updo

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Low Sleek Ponytails #ponytail #updo

Low Messy Ponytails Twist #ponytail #updo
Low Blonde Ponytails #ponytail #updo

Here comes another stunning and elegant hairdo that will never make you feel bored with your hair. Creative girls will appreciate this twisted pony! And, lazy bones will love it too. It looks so cute and girly that it’s hard to believe it took less than five minutes. The only thing you need is to take a side section of your hair, twist it away from your face and add it to your low ponytail. It can be a single twist or two side twists; it’s all up to you.

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