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Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

French Braid Into Pony

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Braided French Blonde Ponytail Hairstyles #ponytail #updo
Braided French Highlights Ponytail Hairstyles #ponytail #updo
Braided Black Ponytail Hairstyles #ponytail #updo #braids

No wonder that many simple ponytail hairstyles for everyday wearing feature braids: though they take minutes, they know how to embellish everything around. How do you like this idea? French braids that incorporate in a low, messy ponytail give a lot of the desired movement and texture at the same time, proving that simplicity is genius.

Side French Braid

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Side French Braid Wavy #ponytail #updo #braids
Side French Braid Brown #ponytail #updo #braids
Side Double French Braid #ponytail #updo #braids

Long hairstylesinclude ponytails with a side French braid, voluminous and curly ponytails, ponytails with multiple corn braids, and a ponytail with a twist. Try them out next time. A low, messy pony looks gorgeous on its own. But add up a voluminous side braid falling into it, and there will be no rivals. Besides, it looks so feminine and charming!

Side Dutch Braid

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Side Dutch Blonde Braid #ponytail #updo #braids
Side Dutch Long Braid #ponytail #updo #braids
Side Dutch Braid Pony #ponytail #updo #braids
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Side Dutch Messy Braid #ponytail #updo #braids
Side Dutch Braid Fishtail #braids #ponytail #updo
Side Blonde Messy Dutch Braid #ponytail #updo #braids

This look is meant for those who want to be different! All the previous ideas with braided elements usually have them loose on the halfway, seamlessly incorporated into a ponytail. How about you to add a long, full braid that will add a contrastive texture to the whole look? This pulled side braid looks so ravishing when combined with a pony, especially with such a diverse braided pattern.

Bubble Ponytail

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Bubble Ponytail Brunette #ponytail #braids
Bubble Pink Ponytail #ponytail #braids
Bubble Ponytail Messy #ponytail #braids

For example, apply dry shampoo before creating a pony. Choose the formula that will create something like a shell around every single strand and also neutralize the smell and absorb oil.

Rope Braid Ponytail

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Rope Braid Ponytail Blonde #ponytail #braids #updo
Rope Braid Ponytail Ombre #ponytail #updo #braids
Rope Braid Ponytail Messy #ponytail #updo #braids

What is the best way to spice up a regular high pony? Especially when freshness of your hair leaves much to be desired? Go for a sleek pony and upgrade it with a rope braid. When a girl is about to impress everyone with a sassy style, showing how daring she is, she opts for a high side ponytail. And when a girl wants to express her softness and femininity, she wears a low twisted ponytail, styled to the side. If you’re going to create a delicate and subtle look, this idea will come in handy: a lovely side twist with a voluminous pony that gives a slight asymmetry is a look to steal.

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