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Tips For Choosing The Best Updo Hairstyle

There are so many updo hairstyles, so how to pick an updo that will work best for you?

Keep in mind the type of your hair. Some elements can do for thicker tresses, while others won’t work unless your tresses are thin. The same concerns straight versus wavy or curly locks. So, if there is a very special event ahead, it is advisable to consult with a professional stylist, but pick someone whom you trust and who already has some experience in working with your tresses. He or she knows all the tricks and can manipulate your tresses. Thus, listening to this person is important. Your desires are significant too but if that means appearing stiff or fake, how do you think, is it worthwhile arguing with your stylist?
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  1. Your personality matters. Are you daring and trendy or classy and conservative? Pick a hairstyle accordingly. If you manage to get an updo for medium hair or one of the hair updos for long hair that is true to who you are, your overall image will look harmonious. The wrong ‘do will just make you lack self-confidence.
  2. The features and shape of the face are to consider. Thus, babes with long faces would better get an updo that is neither too high nor too low. They should also add some fullness in the area of their ears and cheekbones. High updos work awesome for babes with a round face. Just don’t go overwhelmed with curls and body around the face and avoid sleek and tight hairstyles. In case your face is square, opt for a soft updo hairstyle with a side parting to make the face appear less angular. Babes whose face shape resembles a heart should pick a hairstyle that grants a bit more voluminous look beneath the ears. If you have bangs, part it to a side.
  3. Make sure the hairstyle pairs well with your dress, and we will discuss it in detail further. Do not forget that your hairstyle is supposed to complement your outfit rather than compete with what you wear. For example, an updo that involves soft curls can do for a dress that has many attention-drawing details up the waist.

Low Updos Ideas

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Both high and low updos can be life saviors for busy women who do not have enough time for some super intricate hairstyles but who still wish to look pretty. These casual updos for long hair you can observe here are super practical, and you can do one whether you head to the office or meet with your friends. A gorgeous hairstyle is guaranteed.

Messy Updo Hairstyles

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If you are not sure how to style your long locks, try these messy updo hairstyles. It can be a knot or a bun. Also, you can add a headband or another accessory, just use your imagination.

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