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Braided Updo Hairstyles

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Braided Updo Hairstyles picture1

These are not very easy long hair updos. You still can do one after some practice though. But any hair stylist will do one of these hairstyles with little effort involved. And whether you can or cannot do one on your own, it is definitely worth adding such an updo into your collection of favorite hairstyles. Braided updos are lovely, romantic, feminine, and they are perfect for both formal occasions and casual afternoons.

Braided Bardot

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Braided Bardot #updo #braids

Loosely braided updos styled to the side are the most feminine ideas for special events. Whether you’re going to celebrate your prom or you’re a happy bride, this idea will reveal all your beauty, showing off your hair at its best. Yes, outweighed silhouettes are the thing now!

Infinity Braid Updo

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Infinity Braid Updo #updo #braids

Infinity braid updos aren’t the simplest hairstyles ever, yet the clean and minimalistic look is worth your time. It looks wonderful when it’s done on colored or highlighted hair, as each individual strand forms a colorful puzzle on your head.

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