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Best Formal Updo Ideas For Any Event

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Here you can see amazing hairstyles that will come in handy if you are looking for updo hairstyles for weddings or just any easy formal hairstyles for medium hair. Every formal occasion is fun: from wedding to prom to holiday parties, sometimes we just need to get fancy. That is when your hairstyle should be as exquisite and flattering as your gown. We think that any of these voluminous formal updos can complement your royal image.

Hairstyles That Match Your Dress

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Which neckline does your gown have? Pair it with your updo in the right way.

  • A square, scoop, or V-Neck neckline gown. Pick relatively low updo hairstyles for long hair or hair updos for medium length hair with a gentle texture like relaxed waves: a low bun or a textured braid swept to a side, for example.
  • A strapless neckline gown. An elegant updo swept to a side will compliment this dress beautifully.
  • A high neckline gown. Go for a slicked chignon, a tight ponytail, or a sophisticated topknot placed in the center of the head.
  • A backless gown. Such gowns can be complemented with various necklines, but we are interested in the fact that it is backless. Be it a chignon or an elaborate crown braid, this updo should correspond to the gown theme (boho, elegant, vintage, etc.)
  • A halter top gown. Such a gown asks for a sleek braid placed high.
  • A gown with an asymmetrical neckline. A French twist swept to a side is one of the perfect options. Overall, stick to hairstyles that compliment rather than compete with the style of the strap.

Now you know how to rock updos wherever you go. Our blog has more useful info to offer. Check it out!

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