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Black Hair Dye

Source: chelseahaircutters via Instagram, brittsully via Instagram, chelseahaircutters via Instagram

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When it comes to choosing a shade of the black color palette, dark brown hair color is the most popular decision. And no wonder, this color is absolutely gorgeous. Mainly because it’s easier to reach a natural-looking hair color when you opt for brown shades. Don’t worry if you set your mood to the deep, totally black hair color, a good colorist is all you need to make it come true. But sometimes we should make a choice not only based on our preferences, there are some essential things that will determine whether a color is suitable for you. The first thing is your brows. If you are ready to get it dyed, you are free to experiment with any color you want. And those who like their brows as they are and don’t want to change anything should go for a shade that matches the color of their brows. Look at these pics: each can be a cover for the black hair magazine. And you know what? These girls weren’t afraid of changes.

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