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Ipomoea Majorelle Blue

Source: guy_tang via Instagram, bottleblonde76 via Instagram

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Ipomoea is a very fragile but fantastic-looking flower. The thing is that unlike all the other flowers it is not bound but the rules of just one shade. What is more, the shades of Ipomoea are quite contrasting and standing out, and that is what makes it even more beautiful, in case you are looking for a look that will be both trendy and pretty controversial than Ipomoea must be your flower of inspiration. Just look at that combination of purple and blue shades! If you bring those hues into your hair, your look will be both radical and charming at the same time. Those of you who are looking for something of the same effect should not waste a single minute on doubt and run straight to your best hair professional.

Main photo by Kirstenzellers