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Chic Curly Mohawk Updo

Source: sweethearts_hair via Instagram

Chic Curly Mohawk Updo #braids #curlyhair #fauxhawk

All girls are different: some prefer lovely girly looks, while others sport tomboy-like ones. But the truth is, it’s all temporary. We tend to change our minds, experiment with our style, combine contrastive things. So how about you to get a daring, yet absolutely feminine mohawk updo with braided elements at your hairline? Your curly hair will look so exceptional!

Cheeky Braided Mohawk For Short Hair

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Cheeky Braided Mohawk For Short Hair #shorthair #fauxhawk #braids

Girls with short hair who are looking for a sassy look, it’s your turn to join the mohawk hairstyles club! This idea will work awesome for thin hair, as it gives quite a lot of volume and movement. Braid the sides, brush the back and style the top as punky as you want.

Fancy Mohawk Hairstyle For Long Hair

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Fancy Mohawk Hairstyle For Long Hair #longhair #braids

It’s time to reveal a secret about women’s mohawks: it’s not necessary to brush all your hair up and look as if you’ve just left a rock party. A simple mohawk effect with slightly lifted top of your hairstyle is the feminine side of this trend. Braid your long hair in the most unusual ways: start with an upside-down braid that will create the needed lift, and continue braiding your hair into a fishtail braid.

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