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A-line Bob

Source: salsalhair via Instagram, headrushdesigns via Instagram, kristen.lumiere via Instagram

A line Bob picture1

A line Bob picture2
A line Bob picture3

Now it’s time to talk about classic haircuts for women with medium hair length. Those who have never done anything to their hair will love the A-line bob. This haircut is quite special: the front hair is longer than the hair on the sides and back. Such a form of the haircut gives a very interesting and dramatic look to women who decided to give it a try. Just look at these pictures: each bob is so different, yet absolutely amazing. Seems like this haircut knows the secret of personal approach towards any woman. As for coloring technique, look how awesome you can sport your bob with a balayage or ombre, the colors are up to your imagination. Plus, you won’t find women’s haircuts for thin hair better than A-line bob: when it’s waved it gives an unbelievable volume to your hair.

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