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Frosted Black Blue Hair

Frosted Black Blue Hair #brunette #highlights

Yes, matte blue colors are popular not only on nails! This ombre shows that even with a rough transition, blue and black shades, whatever they are, go well with one another.
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Iced Indigo

Iced Indigo #brunette #highlights

Indigo blue is quite remarkable for its nobly light and bright tone. It embraces two opposite characteristics of color tones, which is the main reason why it’s becoming more and more desirable. Although it goes well with all bases and complexions, you can make it work as a totally authentic finish for your pale skin. Start with your dark roots and then let an icy version of the indigo stretch down the bottom.
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Indigo Blue Ombre

Indigo Blue Ombre #bluehair #blackbluehair #brunette

Now, it’s time for the dark side of the indigo blue palette. We weren’t lying when we told you about its versatility. But this time, the whole look is built on perfectly balanced contrast. The blue shade gives a deeper finish to the dark brunette mane, thus emphasizing the light skin tone.
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