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Half-Up Horns For Poison Ivy Look

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

Half Up Horns For Poison Ivy Look #halloweenhairstyles #halloween #hairstyles #longhair

Love the feminine side of the DC universe? Well, Poison Ivy is known for not only her fiery nature but also for her posh red chevelure. Is there anyone doesn’t want to be like her at all? To emphasize the sexuality of the look, finish it with double horns. Yes, simple Halloween hairstyles for long hair don’t stop impressing up.

Princess Fiona With Braid

Source: lorettasinku via Instagram

Princess Fiona With Braid #halloweenhairstyles #halloween #hairstyles #longhair

Fiona was the one who mastered beauty transformations at her best. Why don’t you appreciate it? When your makeup and outfit are complete, don’t forget about the finishing braid: it’s simple, yet super authentic.

Bloody Roses And Half-Up Ponytail

Source: jadedeacon via Instagram

Bloody Roses And Half Up Ponytail  #halloweenhairstyles #halloween #hairstyles #longhair

Roses are red, just like blood, so no wonder that some ladies would like to devote their looks to the color of fear and passion. Add more bold colors to your makeup, spicing it up with some drops of fake blood. Also, you can accessorize your half-up pony with some real flowers: it will look creepy and charming at once.

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