Fabulous Medium Haircuts You Will Just Adore

Pick One Of These Trendy Medium Haircuts

While you might think that medium haircuts are boring, quite the opposite is true! Medium length haircuts are extremely versatile and quite easy to manage. You can do a lot with medium length hair: from updos to sleek and sophisticated styles to funky hairdos!


Medium length haircuts are really trendy. Besides, not everyone can pull off a short hairstyle and not everyone has the patience for really long hair.

If you are looking for some new ideas for hair cuts, you have come to the right place!

Long Bob

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The best thing about this style is that it looks good on every face shape and will work for any hair texture. Besides, bobs are always in style. To achieve this particular look, blow dry your hair using a round brush, the larger the better. And then run a flat iron over the ends. Spray with a flexible hold hairspray to allow for movement.


All One Length

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This look is so easy to maintain and will always be in demand. All you have to do to style is simply use a large round brush and blow dry. If you want to give it some flair, flip the ends either over or under or in both directions for a carefree style. Finish with a medium hold hair spray to allow for some gentle movement.


Layered Curls

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This style requires layers to make the curls seem weightless and allow for maximum movement and volume. To style, apply a heat protectant to your hair when dry and then curl your hair going in varying directions with a medium-barrel curling iron. Spray with a flexible finishing spray to allow for natural flow and movement.


Face Framing Fringe

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With its fringe and soft layers that gently frame the face, it is one of the most stunning medium haircuts. Apply a smoothing product to your hair when wet and then blow dry, make sure to dry the fringe first. Then use a flat iron to get your hair look smooth, and spray with a strong hold hair spray.


Textured Tips

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This look will give your hair a modern, airy look and feel. To add style, apply a thermal protectant to completely dry hair and curl your hair vertically in varying directions using a large curling wand. Then bevel and smooth the bangs gently to a side, using a flat iron. Add your favorite texturizing product such as sea salt spray and then finish with a medium hold finishing spray.

Round Layers

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With its gorgeous backwards swept locks, this look is gorgeous. To style, apply your favorite styling product to wet hair, and then blow dry your hair starting at the nape of the neck with a large round brush. As each section is dry, roll the hair into the bun and allow it to cool before releasing. Repeat this process working your way up from the bottom of your head. Then use your fingers to gently tousle your hair and spray with a light hold finishing spray to allow for bounce and movement.

Tons Of Volume

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This medium bob is cut evenly in length but has shorter layers in the back than in the front, which allows for maximum volume and movement. To style, add smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry with a styling brush till completely straight. Use a flat iron if necessary to ensure that your hair is totally smooth and sleek. Spray with a light to medium spray to allow for movement.


Totally Triangular Layers

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If you are feeling daring, this contemporary cut is just for you! The angles will naturally frame your face and allow for maximum texture and movement. To style, make a side part and then apply smoothing cream to your hair while still damp. Blow dry your hair using a styling brush to make it straight and then finish with a straightener. Use a flat iron to slightly flip out your bangs and finish with a light to medium hold hairspray.


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Similar to the popular V-shape style, this U-shaped cut will give you slightly more volume and movement. To style, create a side part and use a large round brush to blow dry your hair. Then flip the ends out with a large-barrel curling iron and set with a flexible hold finishing spray.

Blunt Tips

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The blunt ends of this cut will help your hair look thick and sleek. Apply a thermal protectant and blow dry your hair. Then use a large curling iron to curl vertically your hair, alternating directions as you go. Then curl the fringe to the side using a straightener and spray with a light hold finishing spray to allow for maximum texture and movement.


Lash Grazing Bangs

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Bangs that gracefully graze your lashes is not only fashionable but ultra-chic and feminine, as well. To style, apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry your hair, starting with the bangs. Then, smooth the ends of your hair only with a straighter and spray with a flexible hold spray.

Long Wavy Layers

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If you want to maintain your curly hair, this look is perfect. Or, if you have slightly wavy to straight hair, but love to curl your tresses, then you can also easily achieve this gorgeous look. The longer layers will allow for total movement and bounce! To style, apply a heat protectant to your hair and blow dry it with a large round brush. Then, starting at the mid shaft and working your way down, curl your hair and allow the curls to cool. Finally use a styling brush to brush your curls and finish with a flexible hold spray.

The Same Undulating Layers

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Layers may seem boring at times if you do not know how to style them correctly. What is more, a rightly chosen shade changes the look dramatically. Just look at this moon-lit silver layered waves, would you be able to resist something like that?


Choppy Section

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There is nothing better to save the youthful look than a nice medium, choppy ‘do. To keep that look fresh, go for some dusty rose highlights altogether with light waves. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Long Twirled Bob

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A long bob is something that any fun and easy-going lady needs. Just look at this silky combination of shades and textures, it simply can’t leave you indifferent!

Sassy Layers

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These days, a natural look is what everyone aims for. When it comes to your hair, only beach waves in a combination with soft, warm blonde shades are able to grant you that desired look, wouldn’t you agree?


Long Tousled Layers

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Tousled layers are simply amazing for those of you who want to get out of bed with the perfect ‘do. All you need is just a bit of hairspray and your fingers to fix your hair. Sounds tempting!

Choppy Layered Lob with Bang

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What can you do if your hair is super thick but you want to look not less stylish than anyone else? There is a way out, one look at this choppy layered lob with side bangs will explain what we have in mind.

Beach Waves

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When it comes to medium hair, many ladies prefer beach waves. There is no wonder why, just look how easy and light this hair looks! Amazing!


Lacerated Ends

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When bright sunny hues are not enough for you, you can outgrow your dark roots a little for the greater effect. Oh, and do not forget about lacerated ends!

Voluminous Chocolate

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Chocolate locks look so warm and yummy that you want to taste that hue. But add some volume to that mane, and you won’t dare touching it, fearing to ruin the ultimate beauty.

Short To Medium Hairstyles

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Short to medium hairstyles for thick hair always appear beautiful when the locks are blow dried and straightened. To make the counterbalance of both volume and natural height, choose a sleek blowout during the styling of the hair. You will end up with cool medium length hairstyle with layers that are trimmed short on the back and also on the sides for a chic and flirty look.


Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs

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Medium length hairstyles with bangs are here again. This time even more enhanced to suit all your needs. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair or any other type of hair, you will get a gorgeous 2018 medium hairstyle that you can rock. Take, for example, this medium bob with bangs. It is an extra layered look with a long layered fringe.

Easy Hairstyles For Short Length Hair

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For the ladies who don’t want to spend their whole weekend hairstyling, try this easy hairstyle for short length hair. To achieve this, don’t get the layers into a big braid but work on the smaller ones that are easily manageable. Then do a side part. Sweep as much hair as you want on the side, then braid it tightly into a French braid. Hold it with a clip and let the strands free to cascade down. Enjoy your shoulder length hairstyle!

Easy Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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With your medium hairstyle, you can try this beautiful Dutch braid. Your braids will look tiny and messy, but just let them come out as needed. Use bobby pins to hold the braids in place. Since this is a medium hairstyle for women, don’t stop the braids behind your hair, but let the braid go further down.


Medium Length Layered Haircuts

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Long bobs are popular medium length layered haircuts for a reason. They are modern, versatile and pleasing to everyone. This long lob is composed of short layered hair in the back that significantly makes the style voluminous but without making the entire haircut style weighty. Therefore, it doesn’t look like weighing down despite the high volume of the hair.

Medium Haircuts With Bangs

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Medium haircuts 2018 with bangs is not a type of hairstyles you will ignore easily! Take, for instance, this classic medium haircut with fringe 2018; jagged ends and blunt bangs. Instead of going for a standard layered haircut, opt for a slanted style. If you aren’t keen, you will not notice that one side is shorter than the other. The ends with varying lengths visually lengthen the face just the same way layers would!

Mid Length Hairstyles With Fringe And Layers

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Mid-length hairstyles with fringe and layers are an irresistible pick for many ladies. Well, do you know why? Medium length hairstyles with bangs look quite beautiful on ladies with more than a single tone in their hair. This is because they are able to gorgeously match variety of them. Though few women are able to manage fringy layers, for the few who are able, the multi-dimensional color really flatters them.


Medium Hair With Side Bangs

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Who doesn’t like medium hair with side bangs? However, when you think of side bangs, it is important to consider your hair texture, too. Bangs and curls may not pair well but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Find a stylist who will be able to blend in the bangs in the right manner to the rest of your cut, and you will get the best medium haircut 2018. Refrain from trimming your hair when it is wet, and more so if it has waves in it.

Short Length Hairstyles With Bangs

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Chin short length hairstyles with bangs are the best way to show off a slim face and sharp features like these outstanding cheekbones. For the ladies with sleek hair, this layered short medium haircut is a great way to enhance texture and add fullness without curls. Especially with medium haircuts for skinny faces, thin highlights improve the glow of the dark color of the entire style differently from the weighty and streaky highlights which characterized the old style.

Shoulder Length Hair With Bangs And Layers

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This glamorous shoulder length hair with bangs and layers is absolutely one to die for. This medium haircut with side bangs with front highlights strikes the balance between sexy and cute. The elongated layers work miracles in drawing everyone’s attention to your cleavage. I’m quite sure you will be a center of attraction whenever you wear this look. Give it a shot.


Medium Length Undercut

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This bob with a shaved one side is the best medium length undercut which will flatter you if you have an oval or round face and straight hair. It is among the bobs for thick hair that is increasingly referred to as a rising trend. It’s because it continues to be the most preferred haircut among the ladies who want to get an original image. It is beautiful and classy wear.

Haircuts For Thin Long Hair

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A center part that lacks bangs is one of the preferred haircuts for thin long hair simply because you can effortlessly bring your hair to your chest. This makes it an ideal haircut for thin hair to look thicker. To achieve this, wear braids for some hours or even overnight before you go out. Thus, you will be rocking one of the trendy medium haircuts 2018 for thin hair.

Short To Medium Layered Haircuts

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Enhance some fun touch to a short medium layered haircut for a girlish look. Even hues like blue purple and pink can help add personality to any hairstyle. You only need to do a simple thing: choose a color that will complement perfectly with your base hue. For short haircuts for thick wavy hair, pastel pink will work better on blonde, purple will come out well with brown, and blue will be perfect with black.

Now we are sure that next time you go to a hair salon, you will already know what you want. Just pick one of these medium haircuts!