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27. Medium Haircuts With Bangs

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Medium Haircuts With Bangs

Medium haircuts 2018 with bangs is not a type of hairstyles you will ignore easily! Take, for instance, this classic medium haircut with fringe 2018; jagged ends and blunt bangs. Instead of going for a standard layered haircut, opt for a slanted style. If you aren’t keen, you will not notice that one side is shorter than the other. The ends with varying lengths visually lengthen the face just the same way layers would!

28. Mid Length Hairstyles With Fringe And Layers

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Mid Length Hairstyles With Fringe And Layers

Mid-length hairstyles with fringe and layers are an irresistible pick for many ladies. Well, do you know why? Medium length hairstyles with bangs look quite beautiful on ladies with more than a single tone in their hair. This is because they are able to gorgeously match variety of them. Though few women are able to manage fringy layers, for the few who are able, the multi-dimensional color really flatters them.

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