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11. Lash Grazing Bangs

Source: forgetandforfeit via Instagram

Lash Grazing Bangs

Bangs that gracefully graze your lashes is not only fashionable but ultra-chic and feminine, as well. To style, apply smoothing cream to damp hair and blow dry your hair, starting with the bangs. Then, smooth the ends of your hair only with a straighter and spray with a flexible hold spray.

12. Long Wavy Layers

Source: ginaatkinson via Instagram

Long Wavy Layers

If you want to maintain your curly hair, this look is perfect. Or, if you have slightly wavy to straight hair, but love to curl your tresses, then you can also easily achieve this gorgeous look. The longer layers will allow for total movement and bounce! To style, apply a heat protectant to your hair and blow dry it with a large round brush. Then, starting at the mid shaft and working your way down, curl your hair and allow the curls to cool. Finally use a styling brush to brush your curls and finish with a flexible hold spray.

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