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Your search for a haircut that is edgy and sexy ends with fade haircuts. The popularity of this ultra-stylish haircut is on the rise and our special gallery of inspiration pictures will definitely end your quest for the perfect fade haircut for your hair type and face cut. Check out the gallery below!

1. Side Shaved Pixie Haircut

Source: sky_eyes_ via Instagram

Side Shaved Pixie Haircut

An excellent variation of the fade haircut is a pixie haircut that has the longer section of your hair ending just above your chin. Dirty blonde hair with dark roots look amazing in this haircut. Keeping a side shaved section adds oomph and edginess to the look. Keep the shaved section to a bare minimum length and style the major part of your hair, which is of pixie length, in the form of a side-swept hairstyle. Add lowlights or highlights if you desire to add some more dimension to your hair.

2. Extra Short Haircut With Shaved Line

Source: stepthebarber via Instagram

Extra Short Haircut With Shaved Line

Super short haircuts like the model’s in the picture is definitely a bold decision to make. The fade is kept high with the center section of hair having just a slightly longer length than the fade. To make a generic short hairstyle edgy and different, add a shaved line in between the shaved section and the top section of your hair. Such a hairstyle is stylish and at the same time, it can be a good break for your hair and scalp from all the treatments and straightening. It will also give your hair a chance to grow naturally and become more luscious!

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