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Fulani Braids With Ties

Fulani Braids With Ties #braids

Many women with natural hair love to accessorize their dreads and Marley braids with colorful hair ties. Of course, for your Fulani braids, there are no restrictions, so you can pair beads with ties if you please.
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Long & Colorful Fulani Braids

Long Colorful Fulani Braids #braids

Super long and attention-grabbing, who could ask for more? If you feel that you can’t handle such a length yourself, you can go for extensions. And if you aren’t ready for bleach commitment, choose colored fake tresses!
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Fulani Braid With High Sleek Pony

Fulani Braid With High Sleek Pony #updo #ponytail #fulanibraids #braids

Instead of braiding all of your natural locks, you can save some time and still have a magnificent look. Let the impressive Fulani braids pattern embellish only the top of your head, putting the rest of your hair into a sleek pony. A tip: If your natural hair isn’t straight by default, don’t forget about oil-based heat protectant before getting the look.
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