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Braided Half Bun Hairstyle With Hair Clip

Source: alex_haircraft via Instagram

Braided Half Bun Hairstyle With Hair Clip #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #brownhair

This hair bun for short hair knows how to diversify your daily looks! A simple updo is a good way to add something new to your casual hairstyles. Let’s set the focus to the top of your head. Why don’t braid the crown and twist its top layer around, creating a stunning braided composition? As for the lower sections, you can either leave them as they are or get some waves. P.S. Hair clips can be a good finish.

Silky And Polished Side Bun

Source: salonxvi via Instagram

Silky And Polished Side Bun #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #blackhair

Women with exquisite taste know that significant hairdos aren’t always complicated. The simpler it looks, the more elegant silhouette it gives to you. One of the effective ways to tame your fine hair, giving it an immaculate and neat look, is to bring this idea to life. Brush your hair, twist it to the side, secure it with a band, pull the hair and secure it again. Everything is absolutely clean on the top, while the sleek side knot-like bun adds a tasteful asymmetry.

Braids Into Messy Low Bun

Source: sasha__esenina via Instagram

Braids Into Messy Low Bun #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles

Here comes probably the easiest and effortless-looking idea that we, lazy bones, love so much. It’s something that we can do before a little walk with our friends; it’s a nice idea to get a decent, yet simple look when we need to go out. A low bun with side framing locks knows how to save your time: just twist it in any way you want.

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