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Half Up Bun With Bangs

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Half Up Bun With Bangs #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #blackhair

Bangs have always been a nice way to freshen up a casual look. So why don’t combine them with the good-old hair bun? For very short hair, it can be a half-bun or half-knot. Make sure that the rest of your hair is styled neatly and that your bangs don’t overlap your forehead fully. Voila! A simple, yet gorgeous look is ready.

Sleek Low Bun

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Sleek Low Bun #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #lowbun

Minimalist hairstyles will never become outdated. How simple and neat styles can lose their popularity? They can be a wonderful finish for evening looks, as well as make you feel comfortable with your hair. Simplicity is priceless, isn’t it?

Twist Braids Into High Bun

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Twist Braids Into High Bun #hairbun #shorthair #bunhairstyles #hairstyles #braids

Mixing different hairstyles is always fun and unique. And you know that braids are better than all the world’s accessories. You can braid your short hair, starting from the sides and going towards the crown, and twist them into a high hair bun.

Are all these ideas enough to prove you that hair bun for short hair does exist? Now you know that your short hair doesn’t mean limitations. Moreover, you can make it look even sexier than hairstyles with long hair! Since you’re inspired enough, it’s time for experiments: go and give these ‘dos a shot!

Main photo by Dvir_tvik