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Short Haircut Styles

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A bob and a pixie are among the most popular short haircuts. If you opt for a pixie haircut, do not forget about layers. Moreover, bright blonde highlights would be a great upgrade. We also love this bob haircut with blunt ends and a bright red hair color. A slight variation of the bob is the A-line haircut that unlike its counterpart does not have layers.

The Undercut: Do you like to keep your neck cool and have a badass persona? Are you looking to turn heads with your haircut? The undercut should definitely be on your shortlist.

The side shaved hair is very versatile with various styles of a haircut. Women are now even wearing versions of fades. Some leave length up top and others go for a more shaved pixie haircuts or a textured bowl haircut. Still with others who are fond of leaving their length on top the pompadour haircut or the shaved bob haircut are on the popular list.

The hawk movement has two versions that are at very opposite ends of the glamour spectrum. The faux or fohawk haircut is the more glamorous of the two whereas the mohawk haircut is more on the edgy end of the spectrum. However, you should take care when selecting this haircut to assure that you have the correct facial features to pull it off.

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