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Dutch Crown Braid

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Dutch Crown Braid

In just a few steps, you can create a stunning crown with your own hair!

  1. Start by creating a deep part on the right side. Make sure that your hair has no tangles.
  2. Take a little section of hair from the heavy side of your part and split it into three smaller sections.
  3. Do a Dutch braid by crossing the right strand over the middle and the left strand over the middle one.
  4. Now, work with the right strand: cross it under the middle and take a new section of hair, crossing it in the same way.
  5. Do the same with the left strand.
  6. When the braid hits your left ear, continue the braid on the back of your head, incorporating hair from the back and nape and working towards the right side.
  7. Once all your hair is incorporated into the braid, braid the rest of the section in a regular braid.
  8. Put the braid across the top, right behind the beginning of the braid, and secure it with pins.
  9. Pull the edges of your braid, spritz it with hairspray, and be ready to flaunt with a crown!

Now when you know the techniques, it is high time to go practice! Come back for more interesting info!

Main photo by Missysueblog