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Fishtail Braid Bun

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Fishtail Braid Bun
How to braid hair step by step for beginners to get a fishtail braid bun.

  1. Take a strand from the top. Determine the forehead corners and create 2 part lines that go side by side. Clip the bottom section down.
  2. Take a strand at the hairline, divide this strand into 3 small strands.
  3. Cross both side pieces over the central piece, adding new strands every time.
  4. When you reach the crown, quit adding new strands. Instead, continue with a regular braid.
  5. Secure the bottom section of this braid, using 2 bobby pins.
  6. Tie the remaining hair up to get a ponytail, unravel the tail of the braid.
  7. Take a small strand from that ponytail and then pull the remaining pony through the middle of a tight mesh donut.
  8. Take a strand from the pony, start a fishtail braid with the remaining section below.
  9. At the top area, take a little piece, next, cross this piece over and then into the piece below.
  10. Take a little strand from the area below, cross this strand towards the top strand, add it to the braid.
  11. Take a little strand from the very top, then cross this strand over in the downward direction and then into the piece below.
  12. Take a little strand at the bottom, cross it over and then into the strand on top.
  13. Repeat these steps till you use all hair from the pony.
  14. Wrap this braid around and tuck it beneath. Secure it, using bobby pins.
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