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French Braided Ponytail

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

French Braided Ponytail
How to do a French braid on yourself and combine it with a ponytail.

  1. Brush your tresses thoroughly.
  2. Take a strand that is 2 inches wide from the forehead middle. Also, take 2 smaller strands directly backside of it, 1 a bit right-side, 1 a bit left-side.
  3. Start a French braid. Cross side strands over the middle strand and add more strands to the braid every time. Keep the braid right on top, in the center.
  4. Tie the braid off, using a semi-transparent elastic once you reach the crown back section.
  5. Brush the remaining hair to get a pony that starts at the braid end.
  6. Curl the pony ends, using a curling iron.
  7. Take a strand beneath the pony to hide the elastic by wrapping the strand around it.
  8. Take 2 bobby pins and criss-cross them over one another to secure that wrapped section.
  9. Finish with strong-hold hairspray.
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