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Half Up Triple Braid Mini Bun

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Half Up Triple Braid Mini Bun
How to do a simple braid on your own hair and adorn it with a bun:

  1. Divide a 1″ section of the hair at the top of your head.
  2. Clip down your bottom hair.
  3. Pick a section that is near to your forehead and divide it into three small pieces.
  4. It’s time to do a dutch braid: cross the right strand under the middle and do the same with the left strand.
  5. Then cross the right strand under the middle and cross a new section under the middle strand.
  6. The left strand is crossed under the middle, as well as another new section.
  7. Cross the side strands under the middle strand and bring new sections to your braid until it reaches the crown of your hair.
  8. When it reaches the crown, continue the braid a little further down, and use a bobby pin over the ends to give it a support.
  9. Divide a new section of your hair on the right side.
  10. Repeat all the steps you’ve made and do the second dutch braid. Don’t forget about a pin!
  11. Divide out a section of your hair again, and create the second dutch braid on the left side of your head. Braid the section towards the crown!
  12. Pin down the braids. They must overlap one another.
  13. Unravel your braids by removing the pins.
  14. Pick up a section of the crown and twist it together.
  15. Do a little bun by wrapping your hair clockwise.
  16. Secure your bun with a couple of bobby pins around the base.
  17. Spritz your hair with a hairspray.
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