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Pull Through Braid Low Bun

Source: Missy Sue via Youtube

Pull Through Braid Low Bun
How to make a simple braid low bun:

  1. Brush all your hair back from the forehead.
  2. Divide out the top section of your hair and tie it with a band.
  3. Clip the first ponytail.
  4. Then divide out the second section of your hair just underneath the first one, and tie them together.
  5. Divide your first ponytail into two halves.
  6. The second ponytail goes up right through the middle. Clip it!
  7. Divide out a new section of hair just underneath your last ponytail.
  8. Tie everything including the two halves of the first ponytail.
  9. Pick the clipped section and divide it into two halves.
  10. Bring the bottom ponytail up right through the middle, and don’t forget to clip it.
  11. Make a new section and tie it into a new ponytail with the halves of the previous ponytails.
  12. Repeat all these steps until all of your hair is included in your braid.
  13. Now, let’s make a bun: take the band from the last ponytail and pull the hair back in order to form a loop.
  14. To make your bun look fuller, twist the top section of your hair and pull on the edges.
  15. Pin the sides of your pull through braid with bobby pins.
  16. Twist the remaining hair together and lay it over the bun in the opposite direction.
  17. Add some hairspray and be ready to flaunt with a gorgeous hairstyle!
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