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Medium Inverted Bob For Light Curly Hair

Source: justhairobsession via Instagram

Medium Inverted Bob For Light Curly Hair #invertedbob #blondebalayage #messyhair #layeredhair

This model is wearing a beautiful representation of the medium inverted bob. The layers and balayage effect add a level of depth that is amazingly convincing. This style works for various hair types, and it also works for straight or curly hair. The multiple tones of the color help to get an exciting, fun effect, making this style appropriate for all occasions. This style is easy to achieve and maintain and doesn’t require a lot of time.

Layered Inverted Bob Cut

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Layered Inverted Bob Cut #invertedbob #peachyhair #layeredhair

This layered inverted bob is perfect for the increasingly popular messy look. As this model displays with her before and after photos above, the right cut can totally change a look from being tired and drab to sassy and chic. Her reddish-brown color does a fantastic job in bringing out her beautiful skin tone. The ombre hair has also rushed to the forefront of popularity in the coloring industry. It is the perfect quick, easy style.

Angled Short Curly Bob

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Angled Short Curly Bob #shortbob #invertedbob #curlyhair #curlybob

This model has an inverted bob short style that accentuates her face shape and her facial features. The super short layers in the rear of this cut give an amount of volume that is stunning and would never allow you to realize that this model has thin hair. The short curly hair also adds loads of dimension to this style and gives it a gorgeous lift.

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