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Bob With Face Framing Layers

Bob With Face Framing Layers #bob #bangs

Meet the Jane Fonda hair style that was chosen as a highlight of her premiere look. Instead of showing up with a veil-long hairstyle with countless curls and waves, she decided to get the most out of the beautiful simplicity. The strategically cut layers fall on her face in a gentle framing way. Isn’t that worth a red carpet look?

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Feathered Pixie

Feathered Pixie #pixie

Jane Fonda natural hair color seems to be a history-long mystery to us. She went all the colors possible, but blonde has always been the closest shade to her soul. And here, she embraces the beauty of medium blonde, spicing it up with soft highlights that accentuate a feathered pixie.

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Textured Layered Bob

Textured Layered Bob #bob #layeredhair

Her bob has shown lots of faces throughout her breathtaking career. This haircut is special because of the right approach to the celebrity’s texture. The shorter layers do the framing job while the long, edgy layers make the whole cut stand out, amplifying the beauty of Jane Fonda hair color.

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Half-Up Bob

Half-Up Bob #bob #halfup

Just like any other women, Jane Fonda loves wearing simple half ups. The point is to make sure that the cut matches the look and enhances the best features of her face. As you can see, the fringe works on her forehead, and the crown is totally voluminous. Easy but gold, huh?

Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Let’s just admit it: having discovered these awesome Jane Fonda hair pictures, it’s hard not to call your hairstylist. When you want to change something in your hair look, it’s better to go a proven way. And the way Jane Fonda plays with her hair is really worth following!