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Good Ombre Hair Color Combinations

Before changing your hair color, you should make sure that you know why all the famous coloring techniques are special. Let’s start with the raucous ombre that you see literally every day. It works well for those who don’t want to cover their roots with a new color; the highlighting area takes begins at mid-head. This technique gives a contrastive saturated look, as your colored ends differ from the color of roots. Plus, it doesn’t need to be updated every month, which is great for those who seek low-maintenance techniques. See which colors you can combine to get this awesome effect!

Brown Ombre Highlights

Brown Ombre Highlights #shortombrehair #ombrehair #shorthair #bobhaircut #brownhair

You can diversify your ombre hair in any way you want; it’s all up to your endless imagination. This technique has no rules, the only thing you need is contrasting colors on your head. The diversity of short ombre hair for women is just infinite: there’s no way you won’t find an option for you. Such ombre highlights can be a good idea for brunettes who want to freshen up their locks.
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From-Purple-To-White Style

From Purple To White Style #shortombrehair #ombrehair #shorthair #bobhaircut #straighthair

How about unrealistically-looking ombre styles? Nowadays nothing can stop you from sporting bright colors. Modern stylists even say that the more colorful, the better. These purple hues are about to make people hallucinate, isn’t that cool? Bold graduation from seductive purple to whitish highlights is a truly breathtaking look.
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Classy Contrast

Classy Contrast #shortombrehair #ombrehair #shorthair #bobhaircut #blondehair

Those who want to bring some colors to their life, there’s no way better than getting a blonde ombre. It’s a variant that many women prefer to sport due to its versatility. The contrast between brown and blonde hues is a nowadays’ classic that will never die: it adds some texture to your hair, giving a fresh look at your style.
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