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Is Balayage Good For Me?

Balayage is good for women who prefer organically highlighted hair without a definite contrast line between colors. This freehand technique gives a softer and a bit lighter effect, going all over your hair and starting right at the roots. Though balayage shows root regrowth, you don’t need to worry: when your hair grows, the highlighted hair keeps a smooth transition with roots.

Honey Blonde Balayage

Honey Blonde Balayage #shortombrehair #balayage #shorthair #bobhaircut #goldenhair

When you know that you want to see balayage in the mirror, it’s crucial to choose colors that will look authentically with your complexion. This pic is an example of suitable skin and color pair: a girl with light skin tone wearing soft honey gold hues. Balayage works for everyone, just make sure that you know what colors suit you best.
Source: maygovintage via Instagram

Voluminous Balayage Highlights

Voluminous Balayage Highlights #shortombrehair #balayage #shorthair #bobhaircut #blondehair

Most women know that they should choose their hair styles based on their hair type. But not everyone realizes that a proper color pair also plays a vital role in their looks. For example, you have thin hair, and you would like to add some volume: you opt for a messy bob. And here comes balayage highlights that create both needed volume and texture. Once you mix it all, you will forget about hair problems: these ashy blonde and caramel highlights will prove that.
Source: prettylittleombre via Instagram

A-line Bob Hairstyle

A line Bob Hairstyle #shortombrehair #balayage #shorthair #bobhaircut #pinkhair

As for women who want to show off their hair in a glaring way, they usually go to the ombre side. When you look at these amazing rose and burgundy red hair colors, you see where each one begins. This is how ombre works: the colors don’t melt together, each one plays the main role. By the way, this burgundy idea is the newest thing in the color world. Don’t pass it by.
Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

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