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Best Accent Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Highlights are here to accentuate your hair color. They are sections of hair that are dyed lighter than your base hair color. If you want to add some brightness and dimension to your hair, it’s a good idea, as you don’t need to dye your hair completely, you just put a little accent on some strands. Wondering how it looks on different hair colors? Go ahead, and you will see!

Brown To Blonde Ombre

Brown To Blonde Ombre #shortombrehair #highlights #shorthair #bobhaircut #brownhair

When you feel that your brown hair is too bleak, it means that it needs some changes. You don’t need to change your hair color completely, but a little accent won’t hurt. This transition from brown to blonde is a good way to emphasize your natural hair color. With such a look, everyone will know that you’re a brunette with a good taste.
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Dimensional Highlights

Dimensional Highlights #shortombrehair #highlights #shorthair #bobhaircut #brownhair

If your hairstylist wants you to try ombre highlights, you are about to bring the most multidimensional colors to life. This technique features two or three matching shades, creating an extra voluminous and lively silhouette. Look at this pic! Don’t you find these gold, platinum, and chestnut hues to be the trendiest idea ever?
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Best Color Combination For Layered Bob

Best Color Combination For Layered Bob #shortombrehair #highlights #shorthair #bobhaircut #brownhair

To accentuate your short bob, you can get yourself a slight ombre, highlighting your base. Women with brown hair can go with warm blonde highlights, and blondies can opt for brownish highlights. If you have bangs, don’t forget to emphasize them, as they always should be in the spotlight.
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