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Long Platinum Blonde Layered Hair

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Long Platinum Blonde Layered Hair #longhair #layeredhair #blondehair

The movement that layers give to your silhouette is something unbelievable, but we can’t have too much of beauty, right? So why don’t make your layered hairstyle look even more stylish? A new hair color, such as platinum blonde with some wheat vibes will emphasize each layer in the most flattering way.

Wavy Blonde Balayage

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Wavy Blonde Balayage #layeredhair #blondehair #balayage

Here comes a splendid idea for thin hair! You’ve got your layers, but they don’t give the needed extra volume? Waves and the variety of shades of blonde balayage will show you how a truly perfect layered style looks like.

Wheat Blonde Side-Swept Hair

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Wheat Blonde Side-Swept Hair #longhair #blondehair #

Some asymmetry won’t hurt! Since you opt for layered hairstyles, you won’t ever lose the so much desired volume, so you can style your hair in any way you want. This side-swept wheat blonde look is so fresh and immaculate that you should give it a shot right now!

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