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Men’s Haircuts Short Crop

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A short crop is the one of the most perfect men’s short haircuts when you want something that is going to be low maintenance. Minimal styling is all that is required and the extra effort that goes into styling a quiff or pompadour style is not present for this hairstyle.

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Being a variation of the Caesar cut, the French crop style of short haircut involves having a long fringe in the middle of the head with the cropped hair around it. You can keep the long fringe at varying lengths depending on your hair texture and preference. For example, for thin hair, you can keep the fringe long and style it with some gel or pomade to give it some texture and volume. A long fringe will also give you the option of styling your hair in side partitions.

If you are a guy with thick hair, keeping the fringe short is also going to work well for you. As for the cropped hair on the side, you can give the undercut a fade that starts higher or lower. Speak to your barber about your preference for this before starting the haircut.

Add some edgy-ness to your hairstyle with some offbeat color like silver for your fringe. Here are some great examples for this type of men’s haircut that is getting good traction already in 2018.

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