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Brown Ombre Hair

Ladies who seek naturality in its purest should make brown hair color chart their talisman. The truth is, nothing looks more authentic and effortless than a brown shade as an added color. Whether you are working with naturally brown hair or you want to spice up your blonde or black base with some rich and golden hues, brown ombre hair ideas are here for you!

Peach Ombre

Source: lisalovesbalayage via Instagram

Peach Ombre

It is impossible not to fall in love with this hair look. This ombre features a blonde melt down with a peach undertone, which is super cute. It will also work for any skin undertone.

Subtle And Stylish

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Subtle and Stylish

If you want to go ombre but have limited options due to your career, this subtle blend of honey and caramel tones on a darker base is still quite stylish without making a drastic statement.

Brown To Blonde

Source: lisalovesbalayage via Instagram

Brown to Blonde

This brown to blonde shading off creates a melting effect. The blend of colors is seamless. If a blonde hair color is not for your skin tone, this blend certainly is ‘cause anyone can pull it off.

Caramel Ombre Hair

Source: cristen_smith via Instagram

Caramel Ombre Hair #ombre #brownhair

When two matching colors are mixed together, they produce truly soft and authentic looks. Even though the applied ombre hair colors are always noticeable, they look organically if they come from the same color palette. Caramel ombre hair, achieved over a naturally light brownish base, is a sophisticated and rich choice for brunettes.

Electric Banana Ombre

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Electric Banana Ombre

This electric banana shade will be great to match with natural roots, especially if you are an owner of light blonde or light warm brown hair. Once it fades out, you may go for another crazy color or for natural brown to blonde ombre.

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