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Cold-To-Warm Pastel Pink Balayage

Cold To Warm Pastel Pink Balayage #pinkhair

Today she’s warm, tomorrow she’s cold: that’s life. If you’re one of those indecisive, yet creative girls who love to jump from one extreme to another, don’t dare to miss this idea! Cold muted lilac roots that meet warm pastel pink hair, isn’t that an ideal color temperature for style players?
Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Peachy Ombre

Peachy Ombre #pinkhair

We were asked to find a color job that exemplifies the purest, sweetest and the most gentle feelings in the world. According to our inspo-research, nothing can beat the magic feel of this unbelievably soft peachy ombre with yogurt ends. If it’s not perfection, what is, then?
Source: bescene via Instagram

Pastel Pink With Lavender Lights

Pastel Pink With Lavender Lights #pinkhair

Believe it or not, you will get bored with your pink hair sooner or later. And it will happen not because the color may lose its charm; the need for changes just runs in our genes. Speaking of which, lavender highlights is a little change that can satisfy your inner experimentator. First of all, these two often go hand in hand, especially in the latest color combinations. Second, they work for all skin tones.
Source: evalam_ via Instagram

With these ideas, even the most conservative ladies can’t help themselves but to experiment with their hair color! You’ve just got through the purest form of pink inspiration. Each of these amazing shades of pink deserves a try, so why don’t you give life to these inspiring ideas?

Main photo by Paudictado