Pixie Hairstyles For Thick And Thin Hair

Pixie Hairstyles Will Suit Any Girl

Pixie hairstyles show that knowing your hair type is the key to a flawless look. Even though we should love ourselves just the way we are, we all feel dissatisfied with our hair sometimes. The truth is that not every woman knows how to choose a right hairstyle, as we have to choose it according to our hair type and face shape. And if you are one of such women, don’t worry! We are here to help you out.


Today you will realize that it’s possible to find a perfect cut for you, you just should know some useful tips. Forget about feeling insecure about your hair, it’s time for us to reveal you a beauty secret: pixie haircuts can beautify both thick and thin hair, they doesn’t really care about your hair type! Check out our pixie cut gallery. See the ways how they can change your life for the better.

Pixie Hairstyles For Thin Hair

It’s hard to count how many times your thin hair let you down when you tried to style it, right? Unlike ladies with full and thick hair, women with thin locks go through the seven circles of pointless styling every single morning, as all their attempts fall flat in less than an hour. Yes, thin hair has some particular drawbacks, but it’s not a disaster; the wrong haircut is! Pixie hairstyles have flattering approaches that can get the most out of your hair: they lift up the crown, make your silhouette appear fuller, giving a lot of volume and body to your weak locks. Having discovered these pixie hairstyles, you will fall in love with their volumizing power and won’t ever get disappointed with your hair type.

Deep Side-Parted Pixie With Waves

Source: allthingsneena via Instagram

Side-parted long pixie haircut will always be on the top of modern charts. With slightly waved front tresses, and a little bit asymmetrical silhouette that side parting gives to your hair, there’s just no way your hairstyle won’t look full. The texture and fullness of waves and the tasteful asymmetry will do the talking and wash thin hair troubles away.


Pixie Hairstyle With Long Bang For Thin Hair

Source: lisacimorelli via Instagram

Some classics will never go out of style, and some things will never change. Women who go for pixies will always diversify their pixie cuts with side swept bangs, and bangs, in their turn, will always be in demand. When dealing with thin hair, a fringe is crucial: it gives more room for volume, especially when your bang is long. Plus, it can frame your face, dealing with another common insecurity.


Long Shaggy Pixie

Source: jenschmierer via Instagram

If you ask your hairstylist for a long pixie cut for thin hair, there’s a strong chance that you’ll be offered with shaggy pixie hairstyles. First of all, nothing can compare to the unbelievable movement and body of layers that shaggy pixie create. Each layer is responsible for making your thin locks look alive; some stand for the body, and some for texture. After all, look at this pic: it’s better to see such a beauty.


Short Layered Pixie With Bangs

Source: sarahbroadgatemua via Instagram

Short layered pixie cut with straight bangs is actually one of the best ways to get rid of thin hair styling troubles. The truth is, when your hair is extremely short, the texture of layers is more seeable and thus more powerful. In other words, when you cut it short, you give it a brand new look and texture. And when it’s embellished with straight choppy bangs, it’s impossible even to guess that you have naturally thin locks.


Straight Pixie For Thin Hair With Undercut

Source: mademoisellehenriette via Instagram

Here’s an idea where the contrast of lengths does the talking. Yes, layered pixie hairstyles are incredibly effective, but there’s something more attractive, eye-catching, and interesting. Once you combine the short sides of an undercut with the volumetric crown of a straight pixie, you will see the difference: the contrast of the sides and top will make the lift on the crown more prominent, balancing out the whole look.

Messy Pixie With Side Bangs

Source: mademoiselle_pixie via Instagram

One of the main secrets of bringing volume back is to style your hair messily. The lightweight texture of messy locks can make even the weakest hair in the world look very rich and balanced. This messy pixie cut with side bangs is the best example of this effect: the look is quite edgy, yet full of life and volume.

Feathered Messy Pixie

Source: lapomponnee via Instagram

Feathering technique is salvation for thin locks which, in contrast to layered one, shapes the ends of your cut. Though you don’t have the variety of lengths on your head and your ends will be thinner, together with very defined and well-groomed crown they will form a totally full and textured look. You may come across such pixie hairstyles as edgy pixie cuts for round faces. Yes, their silhouettes can also perfectly hide “round” flaws.


Very Short Pixie With Baby Bangs

Source: whats_ur_sign via Instagram

Very short pixie haircuts not only make you forget about thin hair but also save you from harsh styling mornings. Just imagine how straightforward your styling routine will become with such a simple, yet cute short pixie. Hairstylists recommend to spice up the shortest variation of pixies with baby bangs: this tiny detail adds more texture, and frames wide foreheads if it’s needed.

Voluminous Layered Long Pixie

Source: sarah_louwho via Instagram

With the right styling and long pixie cut, no a trace will be left of your thin locks. Only the majestic lift and volume of layers. On short hair, layers are more visible, while on longer pixies they’re not so obvious, but the volumizing effect is still very vivid. To add more lift to the crown and front locks, girls prefer to style their pixies to the side.

Very Short And Edgy Pixie

Source: alexandra_anele via Instagram

Some styling products can emphasize the edgy texture of your short pixie in the most flattering way. Such a textured pixie cut can be achieved by applying a strong-hold hair pomade or wax which are meant to secure weak locks. Most sexy hairstyles require minimum time to get and style them, yet they get a lot of attention from people around you.


Wavy Pixie With Headscarf

Source: saraontheinternet via Instagram

We can’t have too many waves, especially when we want to keep the texture of our pixie cuts for thick hair as beautiful as possible. It’s quite easy to work with waves, as they set your unruly texture, giving it a stunning, weightless silhouette. A tip to make this hairstyle stay longer: beautify it with a fashionable headscarf which will secure your style in place.

Layered Long Wavy Pixie With Side Part

Source: anchernobaev via Instagram

No wonder if you’d like to combine all the volumizing and lifting tips into one hairstyle: all is fair when it comes to fighting with thin hair. Layers will create the so much needed fullness, and side parting will create a cute, volumetric asymmetry. You already know that there's no better way on how to style a long pixie cut than simply wave it as waves will enhance the texture of your locks.

Messy Curly Pixie Style

Source: thaisdlima1 via Instagram

Ladies who are looking for a styling twofer, trying to find some short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair, don’t look any further if you come across a curly pixie like this one. The best thing about curls is that they won’t leave your thin locks any choice but to become fuller. Also, the lively and voluminous silhouette of messy curls can draw attention from your round face, creating a stunning balance.

Pixie Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Full and thick hair, who could ask for more? Well, those who don’t have it will never get how troublesome thick hair can be. With all those knots, uncontrollable frizz, broken elastics, and heavy locks that weigh down the potential volume, girls just start to dream about thin hair, where everything is easier. Let’s be honest, every hair type has its benefits and pitfalls. The point is that our pixie styles know how to deal with any textures. See some hairstyles that can tame your thick hair and give a well-groomed look to your disobedient heavy locks.


Straight Pixie For Thick Hair

Source: lavieduneblondie via Instagram

Don’t get surprised if pixie hairstyles for thick hair and pixies for thin locks are the same hairstyles. Actually, this cut is absolutely versatile, that’s why one styling approach can be applied to different hair textures. The shorter your thick hair, the more manageable for styling it is. A straight pixie can tame it, giving it a neat, definite body with a lot of volume on the crown.

Wavy Pixie With Headband

Source: chloenbrown via Instagram

We can’t have too many waves, especially when we want to keep the texture of our pixie cuts for thick hair as beautiful as possible. It’s quite easy to work with waves, as they set your unruly texture, giving it a stunning, weightless silhouette. A tip to make this hairstyle stay longer: beautify it with a fashionable headband which will secure your style in place.

Side Parted Pixie Bob

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

How about you to take the flattering front tresses of a pixie and the extra volumetric crown of a bob? Pixie hairstyles that are meant to calm down thick locks can’t do without pixie bob cuts. Look what a subtle and delicate look you can get with the lovely combination of two trendy cuts. Obviously, this is how perfectly styled thick hair should look like.


Messy Layered Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Source: anapembertonhair via Instagram

Here comes the messy pixie cut for fine hair that can also put an end to your thick hair problems. Yes, there’s a certain difference between thick and fine hair, but the lack of volume in full hair is their common trouble. Layers will texturize your pixie so that it won’t weigh down your locks, side bangs will add more movement, seamlessly melting with the cut, and messiness will create a lighter body.

Short Pixie With Undercut

Source: heathersymmes via Instagram

This is how your heavy hair can turn into a sassy and well-textured look. Apparently, not every lady can go for such a bold style; only daring girls can go this short! Pixie hairstyles never stop impressing us: the sides are shaved very neatly, creating a rough contrast of lengths, and showing off the fullness of your hair. To get a textured top like this, consider using medium-hold wax for the ends.

Layered Long Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs

Source: lavieduneblondie via Instagram

This long pixie cut for fine hair is another gorgeous idea to style your unruly locks cleanly. Do you remember the annoying frizz that you get every time you blow dry your hair? Well, long hair becomes frizzy more often than short. And if your hair is cut into moderating layers, frizz is unlikely to be a part of your style. Also, If you finish this look with side-swept bangs, you will love how awesomely it will soften the angles of your square face.


Wavy Shaggy Pixie For Thick Hair

Source: shorthair_love via Instagram

Shaggy pixie hairstyles are real styling chameleons: they volume up thin hair and make the texture of thick hair appear more lightweight. It’s another versatile approach that will never leave you without the needed effect. Look how nicely it tames your locks, giving a voluminous and fascinating silhouette to the whole look.

Super Short Edgy Pixie

Source: strength.n.dignity_31 via Instagram

Have you ever styled your hair in minutes? No, we don’t want to rub it in, we’re just trying to say that it’s possible. And no, you don’t need to cover your hair with loads of styling products. A very short edgy pixie is the best way out of tiresome thick hair styling. Just imagine: you wake up, brush your hair in any way you want, and you’re ready to flaunt with a stylish hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Source: alicia_wunderbar via Instagram

The endless charm of asymmetry has no restrictions for hair texture! Asymmetrical pixie hairstyles will provide your thick hair with a seductive and immaculate body so that you will be able to style it without a fear that it will weigh down your locks, as the outweighed silhouette will always keep it lifted.


Curly Pixie Cut

Source: stefania_model via Instagram

Curls also have no limitations; they don’t care about your hair type, they simply make everything better. The main reason to go for curly pixie hairstyles is that curls look more enhanced and visible on thick hair. In this way, you will both keep your look flawless and emphasize the beauty of your hair.

Short Pixie With Side Bangs

Source: jordan_shugart via Instagram

This variation of short pixies with side bangs is so tempting, isn’t it? Everything is so smooth, neat, and tidy that it’s hard to take eyes off it. Some girls stay away from very short haircuts because they’re afraid to lose the balance between their facial features and hair silhouette: that’s why side bangs should accompany those cuts. With such a style, even though your face will be open, it won’t reveal your flaws, as everything will be harmonic.

Punky Pixie With Spiky Top

Source: strength.n.dignity_31 via Instagram

Want your pixie to stand out like this one? As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about this hairstyle. The only things you need is a relatively short pixie, some strong-hold pomade, and your endless boldness. Short sides + spiky punky top= unforgettable way to style your thick hair.


Layered Choppy Pixie

Source: prozhanna via Instagram

How do you like this layered choppy pixie cut? It seems like layers will always know how to deal with women’s hair needs. Such hairstyles require a lot of texturizing, so be prepared that your hairstylist will first lighten the texture of your locks, changing its thickness to make layers airier. As a result, you will get an absolutely magnificent hairstyle!

Now you know that there’s no need to feel insecure about your hair type, and the only thing you really need is a right haircut and hairstyle. Since you’ve discovered the most flattering pixie hairstyles for thick and thin hair, it’s time to give one of them a try! And remember: there are no bad hair textures!