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Pixie Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Full and thick hair, who could ask for more? Well, those who don’t have it will never get how troublesome thick hair can be. With all those knots, uncontrollable frizz, broken elastics, and heavy locks that weigh down the potential volume, girls just start to dream about thin hair, where everything is easier. Let’s be honest, every hair type has its benefits and pitfalls. The point is that our pixie styles know how to deal with any textures. See some hairstyles that can tame your thick hair and give a well-groomed look to your disobedient heavy locks.

Straight Pixie For Thick Hair

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Straight Pixie For Thick Hair picture1

Don’t get surprised if pixie hairstyles for thick hair and pixies for thin locks are the same hairstyles. Actually, this cut is absolutely versatile, that’s why one styling approach can be applied to different hair textures. The shorter your thick hair, the more manageable for styling it is. A straight pixie can tame it, giving it a neat, definite body with a lot of volume on the crown.

Wavy Pixie With Headband

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Wavy Pixie For Thick Hair picture1

We can’t have too many waves, especially when we want to keep the texture of our pixie cuts for thick hair as beautiful as possible. It’s quite easy to work with waves, as they set your unruly texture, giving it a stunning, weightless silhouette. A tip to make this hairstyle stay longer: beautify it with a fashionable headband which will secure your style in place.

Side Parted Pixie Bob

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Straight Pixie For Thick Hair picture2

How about you to take the flattering front tresses of a pixie and the extra volumetric crown of a bob? Pixie hairstyles that are meant to calm down thick locks can’t do without pixie bob cuts. Look what a subtle and delicate look you can get with the lovely combination of two trendy cuts. Obviously, this is how perfectly styled thick hair should look like.

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