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4. Sleek And High Ponytail

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Sleek And High Ponytail #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #blondehair

Love wearing neat and sleek hairstyles? Don’t pass this super clean and sexy ponytail hairstyle, then! Whether you’re looking for a casual hairstyle or you want your hair to look exceptional for your big day, this style knows how to deal with anything. To create this beauty you will need an oil-based pomade that will tame your hair to make it look sleek and shiny all day long. Moisturize your hair with the styling product, brush it, and set it as high as possible. To spice it up, hide the elastic with a hair strand.

5. Lush And Voluminous High Ponytail

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Lush And Voluminous High Ponytail #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #blondehair

Can you call it boring? This extra voluminous, head-turning ponytail will definitely become a huge trend soon. Every single detail is on point: the crown is brushed neatly, the elastic is cleanly hidden underneath the hair, the voluminous, wavy chevelure gently falls on the back. Do you want to look that gorgeous? Keep in mind a little tip: when creating high wavy or curly ponytail, it’s better to create a pony and only then wave or curl it. In this way, your look will be absolutely flawless.

6. Dutch Braids To A High Pony

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Dutch Braids To A High Pony #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair #blondehair

Here’s another way to diversify the popular simple hairstyle! We’re all familiar with braids, as well as with ponytails, right? Why don’t combine these two to achieve a unique look? You can braid the sides or the top of your head, put the rest of your hair up in a high ponytail and incorporate the braids into it. We recommend you to wave your hair and run your fingers through the waves to create a really effortless hairdo.

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